Spring 2016


March, April   Ryan Walker, Livestock Conservancy marketing and communications manager”]It sounds backward, but farmers and ranchers can’t afford to raise heritage livestock unless there’s a market. Otherwise, they become […]

Feature – Meet the Farmer

meet farmer 1

meet the farmer URBAN OASIS Small organic farm serves big flavor to local restaurants. WRITTEN BY ERIN MEYERING PHOTOS BY CANDICE NYANDO Urban agriculture is in. Look online and you’ll […]

Edible Notables – Supermarket Savvy

EN Supermarket Savvy

edible notables SUPERMARKET SAVVY Grocery store tours promote healthy eating. WRITTEN BY SUE EDMONDSONPHOTO BY CANDICE NYANDO Kellie Flynn is no stranger to healthy eating. As an employee of Saint […]

Drink Tank – Teatime in Reno-Tahoe

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drink tank TEATIME IN RENO-TAHOE Locals relish our budding teahouse scene. WRITTEN BY NICOLE CHESLOCK PHOTO BY CANDICE NYANDO “We have tough-looking cowboys and men who come in by themselves […]

Edible Notables – Stimulating App-etite

EN Stimulating Appetite

edible notables STIMULATING APP-ETITE Connecting to area farmers. WRITTEN BY ERIN MEYERINGPHOTO BY ASA GILMORE The Great Basin Community Food Co-op’s Meet Your Farmer digital app is the first of […]

Edible Travel – Saddle Up

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edible travel SADDLE UP Find your inner cowboy at this Quincy dude ranch. WRITTEN BY PATTY CLAWSON PHOTOS BY MICHAEL CLAWSON AND GREENHORN CREEK GUEST RANCH Perhaps it’s that feeling […]

Edible Notables – A Breed Apart

EN Breed Apart

edible notables A BREED APART Distinct choices and creative style help local teen stand out. WRITTEN BY BARBARA TWITCHELLPHOTO BY CANDICE NYANDO It’s obvious that Bailey Kelton doesn’t mind being […]

Edible Garden – Rays of Sunshine

Edible Garden Rays Sunshine

edible garden RAYS OF SUNSHINE Sunchokes are easy to grow and even easier to cook. WRITTEN BY CHRISTINA NELLEMANN PHOTO BY CHRIS HOLLOMAN Sunchokes will never win any beauty contests. […]

Edible Notables – Cluck, Cluck, Buzzzzzz

EN Cluck Cluck buzz

edible notables CLUCK, CLUCK, BUZZZZZZ Sparks welcomes back backyard chickens and bees. WRITTEN BY ERIN MEYERINGILLUSTRATION BY ALANNA MCDANIEL Lovers of backyard chickens and beehives (and honey) received good news […]

Edible Notables – Edible Updates

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edible updates THE LATEST SCOOP Keeping you informed of local food and drink news. WRITTEN BY MICHAEL TRAGASHILLUSTRATION BY GREG BRADY To say Reno-Tahoe is growing quickly would be an […]