Edible Notables – The Art of Beeing

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edible notables THE ART OF BEEING Local woman teaches urban farming and beekeeping classes to children. WRITTEN BY ERIN MEYERINGPHOTO BY CANDICE NYANDO It’s like walking into a secret garden. […]

Edible Notables – Canning Camaraderie

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edible notables CANNING CAMARADERIE Bountiful grape arbor brings Reno bunch together. WRITTEN BY JEANNE LAUF WALPOLEPHOTOS COURTESY OF VALERIE GLENN Nine years ago, when she first wandered through Phyllis Freyer’s […]

Fall 2016

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  Debbie Gilmore, Hall’s Honey in Yerington”]I know that farmers are under a lot of pressure to feed a lot of people with limited resources. And consumers are picky; they […]

Feature – Fostering Student Wellness

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feature FOSTERING STUDENT WELLNESS School district officials put nutrition and fitness back on the menu. WRITTEN BY JESSICA SANTINAPHOTOS BY CANDICE NYANDO AND COURTESY OF TTUSD In the current political […]

Feature – From the Ground Up

feature from ground up

feature FROM THE GROUND UP The realities of creating school garden lunch programs revealed. WRITTEN BY STINA FAUSONEPHOTOS BY ASA GILMORE October is Farm-to-School Month, and garden programs have been […]

Edible Travel – Fish Tales

edible travel fish tales

edible travel FISH TALES Pyramid Lake is an angler’s paradise. WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY SYDNEY MARTINEZ, TRAVELNEVADA Last year, if an adventure-centric prophet had told me that in one year, […]

Edible Notables – A is for apiary

edible notables A Apiary

edible notables A IS FOR APIARY Two local fifth graders seek solutions to the bee problem. WRITTEN BY ERIN MEYERINGPHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY CHRIS HOLLOMAN    “How can we rethink Reno to […]

Drink Tank – The Need for Mead

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drink tank THE NEED FOR MEAD Make your own honey wine this fall. WRITTEN BY ERIN MEYERINGPHOTOS BY ASA GILMORE Known to some as the nectar of the gods and […]

Edible Garden – Build a Bee House

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edible garden BUILD A BEE HOUSE Help area pollinators with this inexpensive solution. WRITTEN BY CHRISTINA NELLEMANNPHOTOS BY KEVIN KARL “We have such a great diversity of pollinators in the […]

Edible Traditions – Gold Rush

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edible traditions GOLD RUSH Exploring honey’s riches in early Nevada. WRITTEN BY SHARON HONIG-BEARPHOTOS COURTESY OF UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Imagine a time when Nevada honey was so […]