Celebration of Light

Diwali features sweet and savory snacks. It’s not necessary to completely understand the deep complexities of Hindu mythology to enjoy Diwali. From the Sanskrit word deepavali, meaning “row of lights,” […]

Beyond Salsa Verde

Sweet and sour tomatillos add depth to fall meals. While the word tomatillo means “little tomato” in Spanish, the tangy, green fruits are quite different from their popular cousins. Like […]

Valley Delights

Rural businesses thrive with deep family roots. Tucked between Reno and Carson City and nestled next to the Carson Range, Washoe Valley has a rich history of railroads, mining barons, […]

The Great Scape

Garlic scapes infuse summer garlic flavor into spring dishes. Anyone who has let their zucchini go a little too long on the stalk knows about garden timing. It might be […]

Vocal for Local Eggs

Cages aside, local eggs are what’s best for birds and human beings. The plethora of egg carton labels on a grocery store shelf can be downright confusing: cage-free, free-range, natural, […]

Curry in a hurry

Pink Elephant Kitchen’s Thai specialty brings summer color to winter dishes. Thai curry is an enigma. Many subtle ingredients that add up to a burst of exotic flavor can be […]

Botanical Beverages

These elixirs offer more than just a colorful concoction. The extraction of the essences of herbs and flowers to create elixirs has been practiced since ancient times. These sweet potions […]

A Republic of Riches

The micronation of Molossia embraces creativity and chocolate chip cookie dough. A nation lies within Nevada’s borders. It has its own navy, space program, railroad, and postal service. MoonPies, cookie […]

Quick Pickles

Tasty experiments in a jar. The “We can pickle that” skit from Portlandia had it (nearly) perfect: Just about everything in your kitchen can be pickled. Quick pickles make the […]

Green Your Kitchen

Reducing food and packaging waste in the heart of the home. Most of us have grown up hearing about the three Rs of conservation: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Kim Rios, […]

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