BBQ Pit Beef

(courtesy of Butcher’s Kitchen Char-B-Que in Reno. Serves 2 to 4)

Use select beef chuck or beef cross-rib shoulder roast, cut into large chunks (5-by-5 inches or bigger), marinated for 2 or more hours (see recipe for Butcher’s Kitchen Basic Roast & Rib Marinade). Place meat in barbecue smoker, or use indirect cooking method on a charcoal kettle grill.

Smoke meat 2 to 4 hours at 180 to 220 degrees F, using oak and hickory wood chips. Let meat rest and cool before thinly slicing.

Place sliced meat in large pot or slow cooker with meat juices, then cover with fresh marinade. Simmer meat on low heat about 1 hour. Serve meat on crusty bun or bread of your choosing (Dutch crunch rolls work well). Top meat with cool, creamy coleslaw, or preferred toppings.




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