Classic Eggnog

(courtesy of Sam Francovich, owner, Francovich Distillers and The Grill in Reno. Makes 2 gallons)

1¼ gallons whole milk 

15 egg yolks (Reserve the whites for scrambles or meringue — eggs whites will keep for up to a year in the freezer.)

4 cups heavy cream

1¼ tablespoons cinnamon

¾ tablespoon nutmeg

½ tablespoon real vanilla extract

¾ to 1¼ pounds granulated sugar (according to taste)

4 cups bourbon

¼ bottle of rum (about 6½ ounces, or more to taste)

In large bowl, whip egg yolks until creamy. Add sugar, spices, and heavy cream, and mix thoroughly.

In larger container, combine milk, bourbon, and rum. Then stir in egg mixture. Enjoy!

Note: Best made with fresh spices and high-quality vanilla extract. Refrigerate eggnog to prevent bacteria from growing.

“We have a saying in the dairy business,” Francovich says. “Life begins at 40 [degrees F].” 




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