Dutch Oven Cherry Cobbler

(courtesy of Dennis Golden. Serves 8)

"Cobblers are the first things that you should try when learning to cook 'Dutch,'" Dennis Golden says. "You can make them with just about any canned filling. They are simple, hard to mess up, and always seem to be a hit after a hearty camp meal."

2 to 3 cans cherry pie filling

3 teaspoons tapioca

½ box yellow cake mix

½ cup crème de cassis-flavored syrup (or any cherry-flavored syrup)

Heat 30 charcoal briquettes.

Line your Dutch oven with a double lining of tin foil. Use a lot of foil to ensure that there are no leaks on the bottom of or inside the oven. Also, make sure that the foil is low enough to allow a good seal for your lid. The double lining will make your oven easier to clean afterwards.

Mix together canned pie filling, tapioca, and ½ cup crème de cassis in Dutch oven. This should fill the Dutch 2 to 3 inches deep. In a separate bowl, add together cake mix and enough water to make the mixture smooth and thick but still pourable. Pour evenly over the cherry pie mixture already in oven. Leave at least 2 inches of space on the inside of the Dutch so the lid won't be pushed up as the cake rises.

In cooking area, prepare your coals for a medium fire (for a 10-inch Dutch, use 6 to 8 coals on bottom and 8 to 10 coals on top; for a 12-inch Dutch, use 8 to 10 coals on bottom, 10 to 12 coals on top). Place covered Dutch oven on coals and add coals to top. Cook about 30 minutes. Cobbler is done when top is brown and starts to crack or when a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.




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