ArtEffects 5/12/19

Fruit Biker Bars
(Courtesy of Carson High School Culinary Arts. Yields 56 bars.
Created for Edible Pedal 100 2012)
5 cups whole oats
1 cups almonds, sliced
1 cups almonds, whole
1 cups pecans, chopped
1 cups walnuts, chopped
1 cups raisins
1 cups Craisins
1 cups chocolate chips (or other chip)
1 teaspoon. salt
¾ cup maple syrup
½ cup honey
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
½ cup vegetable oil Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Heat maple syrup and honey in microwave for 45 seconds. Add vegetable oil and vanilla extract. Pour liquid ingredients over dry ingredients. Press into a prepared 13-by-9-inch jelly roll pan (parchment paper lined or lightly coated with vegetable oil). Bake at 300 degrees F for 70 minutes. Rotate and watch for burning edges. It will be sticky when you remove it from the oven. Let cool. Cut into 56 bars. Store in airtight container.




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