Building Hope, Smashing Burgers

Nonprofit founder helps athletes, veterans persevere through life-altering injuries. Roy Tuscany may have a gift for inspiring those who have sustained life-altering injuries, such as himself, but when it comes […]

Two-Part Harmony

Power couple keep life humming – busy careers, crazy schedules, four children, and all. “Marriage should be a duet – when one sings, the other claps.” ~ Joe Murray As […]

Perfecting Pancakes (and waffles)

Local chefs dish out tips for making these breakfast staples. Looking to whip up a decadent stack of fluffy pancakes, or a perfectly coiffed batch of Belgian waffles, all golden […]

Crushing On Croissants

Dig into a flaky, buttery pastry — and don’t worry about making a mess. As a food writer and seasoned home cook, I often ponder the human ingenuity — not […]

Let There Be Brunch

Forget breakfast — shake up your weekend with a mid-morning meal replete with creative egg dishes and cocktails. Some weekends, I wake up and want nothing more than a greasy-spoon […]

Blush + Bone

Un(wine)d Enjoy adaptogenic beverages and non-toxic pedis at Blush + Bone. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing, non-toxic pedicure while sipping a sparkling natural wine enhanced with stress-busting adaptogens — […]

Sorghum Beer

Will work for gluten-free beer Researchers’ attention turns to sorghum for brewing. Bread, cereal, spaghetti, snack bars. What do these food items have in common? Grain, which typically constitutes a […]

How Sweet It Is

web candydance1

Genoa’s famous Candy Dance celebrates 100 years. Billie Jean Rightmire hasn’t been to every Candy Dance celebration. But the 86-year-old Genoa native and town historian probably has attended more than […]

Homegrown Gastropub

web Shea Family9627

THE SHEA DYNASTY Entrepreneurial family makes a “Shea-borhood” in Midtown Reno. . No way could Jerry Shea have guessed he’d turn into an entrepreneur. And no way could he have […]

Gardening for Groceries

ChristophWeber Grafting2

Expert tips to create your own edible landscape His nickname was Stick Boy. Not for his stature, but for his love of trees, which began at a young age. Reno […]