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Gerber Medical Clinic

Patients who have recovered from COVID-19 sometimes complain afterward of chronic fatigue, brain fog, difficulty breathing, symptoms of PTSD, and a slow return of sense of taste and smell, which can go on for weeks and even months, and are disconcerting for people who are ordinarily healthy. The physicians at Gerber Medical Clinic employ several strategies to treat patients suffering from these symptoms.

Viral illness, in general, almost always places stress on the adrenal glands, which sit on top of the kidneys and regulate energy, sleep, and mood. Additionally, when patients feel anxiety about not feeling normal, this can manifest as sleeplessness, depression, ill humor, and uncertainty about the future.

Supporting the adrenal glands with vitamins B and C, magnesium, and adrenal supplements can hasten recovery, as can injections of adrenal complex with B12 and folic acid. The professionals at Gerber Medical also recommend patients rub natural, bioidentical progesterone cream onto the wrists, forearms, and temples to help slow down adrenaline, ease anxiety, and aid in sleep. As a mother hormone, progesterone is not feminizing, and therefore it may improve sleep for men and women.

Treating patients with intravenous vitamin C and other vitamins, minerals, and calming amino acids can accelerate the healing process. Residual viruses in the body can be treated with oxidative therapies.

Vitamin D3 at 5,000 to 10,000 IU per day may strengthen the immune system in many ways and is non-toxic. Measuring vitamin D levels in your blood is a good place to start to check vitamin D sufficiency.

Smell and taste return more quickly by adding zinc supplements to your regimen — Gerber’s team recommends 18 to 25 milligrams per day, taken with meals — exercise caution, as too much zinc may cause nausea. Zinc lozenges also are good, especially when you add two to three milligrams of copper to your routine.

Gerber’s experts have found breathing issues may improve with neural therapy. In this old German technique, procaine, a local anesthetic, is injected over acupuncture points connected to the lungs. You also may try healing oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, tea tree oil, juniper, and clove, either placed in a vaporizer or rubbed on the chest before a warm shower, which may open breathing.

Finally, Gerber Medical Clinic’s Dr. Sean Devlin has found the Lig & Ceptor brand of products, particularly the Viral and Anxiety formulas, have been helpful for long-haul COVID patients.

Gerber Medical Clinic is located at 1225 Westfield Ave., Ste. 2 in Reno. For details, visit

Sierra Smiles

With summer here and fun outdoor activities in full swing, it’s easy to be tempted into having a sweet treat. While it may sound delicious, before taking that first bite, consider what sugar does to the mouth. High-sugar foods feed the bacteria lingering inside the mouth to start breaking down teeth, and this can lead to cavities.

“When you have high-sugar foods, it puts you at a much greater risk of getting cavities, which also can lead to painful root canals if left untreated,” explains Dr. John Bocchi of Sierra Smiles in Reno and Lake Tahoe. “It’s incredibly important to limit the amount of sugar intake and consider alternatives whenever possible.”

One such substitute includes items using the plant-based sweetener, xylitol.

“This can be easily swapped for sugar in everyday recipes,” Bocchi adds. “The bacteria in your mouth try to feed off the xylitol and can’t digest it, so it destroys them.”

In addition to a food additive, xylitol is used in saline nasal spray to help prevent viruses and infections in adults and children. It also is found in chewing gum and candies for a healthier approach to treats.

Should you decide to indulge in something sugary, be sure to rinse with water to maintain a healthy pH level in your mouth. Brush at least twice a day, floss or use a Waterpik, and use fluoride toothpaste — for an extra boost opt for toothpaste and rinses containing xylitol.

For more than 15 years, Bocchi and the experienced team at Sierra Smiles have provided the highest quality care using state-of-the-art technology and techniques with a non-invasive, preventative care approach. For details, visit


When Carolyn Dolan, owner and developer of VitaKinetics in Reno, studied nutrition and the role of lifestyle components in healing, she found the use of supplements to be essential. Today, she helps clients achieve optimal health after surgery, sustain their busy lifestyles, and perform at the top of their sports with VitaKinetics Active Recovery Blend. This proprietary combination of vitamins, plant compounds, enzymes, and prebiotics supports the body’s natural healing process.

“We studied how the body works under stress, then created a supplement that leans on our natural ability to recover,” Dolan explains. “We know the health of our immune system and body is related to how we eat, sleep, and move. This supplement optimizes the recovery process to support health.”

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