Food & Games

Host a festive game night with these themed food-and-drink suggestions. Cozying up to a crackling fire while reconnecting with friends and family is a cherished tradition each holiday season, so […]

Drink Your Electrolytes

Summer coolers that are good for you. When the temperature hits 90 degrees and above, all I want is to find a cool place to sip an ice-cold beverage. It […]

Green Your Kitchen

Reducing food and packaging waste in the heart of the home. Most of us have grown up hearing about the three Rs of conservation: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Kim Rios, […]

Rules of the Road

What’s allowed for safely collecting and eating roadkill. Two elderly gentlemen are sipping coffee at an unnamed local fast food joint. One is wearing a baseball cap embroidered with a […]

A Living Wage

How a minimum wage increase would affect local restaurants. “A living wage.” It’s a phrase that sparks a lot of debate. On one side is the argument that those who […]

Drinks On You

The Outdoors Are Calling — Better Bring Cocktails. Something about the crisp fall air and autumn colors makes me crave cocktails. (Well, to be honest, most weather makes me crave […]

Drinks On You

Fried Chicken and Sparkling Wine: A Perfect Punk Pairing. There is something romantic about the perfect pairing, the elegant way flavors play together to create a mixture more delicious and […]

Ranch Water

web Ranch water cocktail

For the love of tequila, soda, and lime. Everyone who knows me knows I love cocktails; there are very few pleasures in my life I love more than a well-thought-out, […]

Shedding the Elite Image

edible sophiapappas page fav

Eating organically isn’t just a luxury; it’s feasible for everyone. Organic foods have become more prevalent nationwide, yet nonorganic products still dominate most U.S. store shelves. Every business from big-box […]

Bee City

web Bee City Illustration

Local organization helps Carson City protect the bees. Albert Einstein is often credited for having said, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only […]

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