Reno-Tahoe Caterers

Reno-Tahoe Caterers


Batch Cupcakery

Midtown Reno: 555 S. Virginia St., Ste. 104; 775-336-1622; South Reno: 15 Foothill Road, Ste. 6; 775-895-0044;; Find Batch Cupcakery on Facebook.

Battle Born Food Truck and Catering Co.

13201 S. Virginia St., Reno; 775-853-6464;; Find Battle Born Food Truck and Catering on Facebook.

Blend, a Catering Company

775-571-2511;; Find Blend Catering on Facebook.

BJ’s Nevada Barbecue Co.

80 E. Victorian Ave., Sparks; 775-355-1010;; Find BJ’s BBQ on Facebook.

Buttercream Bliss Gourmet Cupcakes

1756 Clover Leaf Drive, Sparks; 775-354-8888;; Find Buttercream Bliss Gourmet Cupcakes on Facebook.

Carolina Kitchen & Barbeque Co.

950 Glendale Ave., Sparks; 775-359-4776;; Find Carolina Kitchen & BBQ Co. on Facebook.

Catering by Crème

1350 Stardust St., Ste. 3A, Reno; 775-348-0571;; Find Crème Café & Catering on Facebook.

Chrissy’s Private Chef & Catering

615 Spice Island Drive, Ste. 4, Sparks; 775-842-3177;

Cherry Bomb Catering

4826 Longley Lane, Reno; 775-287-4121;; Find Cherry Bomb Catering, LLC on Facebook.

Farm Fresh Catering

2590 Orovada St., Reno; 775-412-1006;

Fig Tree Catering

775-770-1110;; Find Fig Tree Catering on Facebook. *Note: caters to kosher diets.

Liberty Food & Wine Exchange

100 N. Sierra St., Reno; 775-336-1091;; Find Liberty Food & Wine Exchange on Facebook.

Nomchompa Event Services

775-409-6604;; Find Nomchompa Events on Facebook.

Nothing To It! Culinary Center and Deli

225 Crummer Lane, Reno; 775-826-2628;; Find Nothing To It! Cooking School & Kitchen Store on Facebook.

Paisan’s Old World Deli & Catering

6550 Longley Lane, Ste. 110, Reno; 775-826-9444;; Find Paisan’s Catering on Facebook.

Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

2707 S. Virginia St., Reno; 775-689-7244;; Find Peppermill Resort Spa Casino on Facebook.

Rick’s Delicafe

9475 Double R. Blvd., Reno; 775-852-0555, ext. 1;; Find Rick’s Delicafe on Facebook.

Roundabout Catering

631 Dunn Circle, Sparks; 775-747-2090;; Find Roundabout Catering on Facebook.

The Cheese Board

247 California Ave., Reno; 775-323-3115;; Find The Cheese Board on Facebook.

Whole Foods Market

6139 S. Virginia St., Reno; 775-852-8023;

Yosh’s Unique Deli

85 Foothill Road, Ste. 4, Reno; 775-853-9674;; Find Yosh’s Unique Deli on Facebook.


A Catered Affaire

2811 S. Carson St., Carson City; 775-720-9177;; Find A Catered Affaire on Facebook.

Bella Vita Bistro

1304 S. Stewart St., Carson City; 775-515-4300;; Find Bella Vista Bistro on Facebook.

Carson City BBQ Co.

5110 S. Edmonds Drive, Carson City; 775-888-9494;; Find Carson City BBQ on Facebook.

Casino Fandango

3800 S. Carson St., Carson City; 775-885-7000;; Find Casino Fandango on Facebook.

L.A. Bakery

1280 N. Curry St., Carson City; 775-885-CAKE (2253);; Find L.A. Bakery on Facebook.

NEVADA Nosh Food Truck

775-882-0657; Find Nevada Nosh Carson City’s Curbside Café on Facebook.

Red’s Old 395 Grill

1055 S. Carson St., Carson City; 775-887-0395;; Find Red’s Old 395 Grill on Facebook.

Sierra Chef

2292 Main St., Stes. 3 & 4, Genoa; 775-392-4417;; Find Sierra Chef on Facebook.

Tee Jay’s Corner Café

420 N. Carson St., Carson City; 775-434-7277;; Find Tee Jay’s Corner Café on Facebook.

The Bus Boy Mobile Cuisine

775-400-4648; Find The Bus Boy Mobile Cuisine on Facebook.

The Lady Tamales

933 Woodside Drive, Ste. 102, Carson City; 775-841-6533; Find The Lady Tamales on Facebook.

Villa Basque Café

730 Basque Way, Carson City; 775-884-4451;; Find Villa Basque Café on Facebook.


Country Club Café & 3C’s Catering

2655 Country Club Drive, Fallon; 775-432-4616;; Find Country Club Café on Facebook.


1721 Oak Drive, Fernley; 775-351-7236;; Find Git-R-Smoked on Facebook.

Susie’s BBQ & Catering

787 W. Williams Ave., Fallon; 775-423-7435;; Find Susie’s BBQ & Catering on Facebook.


As You Wish Catering

2923 Lake Forest Road, Tahoe City; 530-228-3111;; Find As You Wish Catering on Facebook.

Bella Tahoe Catering

152 Hwy. 50, Stateline; 775-586-0037;; Find Bella Tahoe Catering & Deli on Facebook.

Big Blue Q of Tahoe

775-300-5545;; Find Big Blue Q of Tahoe on Facebook.

Brimms, A Catering Co.

760 Mays Blvd., Incline Village; 775-527-9393;; Find Brimm’s, A erringing Company on Facebook.

D’Lish Catering Co.

8501 N. Lake Blvd., Kings Beach; 530-553-1702;; Find D’Lish Catering, Lake Tahoe on Facebook.

Exquisite Grill & Catering

3901 Saddle Road, South Lake Tahoe; 530-541-6700; ext. 519;; Find Exquisite Grill on Facebook.

Fox & Hound

237 Tramway Drive, Stateline; 775-588-8887;; Find Fox and Hound Tahoe on Facebook.

Mountain Magic Catering

401 W. Lake Blvd., Tahoe City; 530-412-1537;

North Tahoe Catering

530-448-7462;; Find North Tahoe Catering Co. on Facebook.

Shuck Truck Catering

530-584-9070;; Find Shuck Truck Catering on Facebook.

Sunshine Deli & Catering

919 Incline Way, Incline Village; 775-832-2253;; Find Sunshine Deli & Catering on Facebook.

The Cork & More

1032 Al Tahoe Blvd., South Lake Tahoe; 530-544-5253;; Find The Cork and More on Facebook

The Tahoe Dinner Bell

530-903-1743 or 607-727-6947;; Find The Tahoe Dinner Bell on Facebook.


Biggest Little Beer Truck

5305 Reno Corporate Drive, Ste. 200, Reno; 775-525-0006; Find Biggest Little Beer Truck on Facebook.

Cheers Mobile Pub

775-235-6811;; Find Cheers Mobile Pub on Facebook.

Dusty Bottle Mobile Bar

775-525-1406;; Find Dusty Bottle on Facebook.


775-300-3972;; Find Flutes on Tap on Facebook.

Garden to Glass Mixology

619-977-7593;; Find Garden to Glass Mixology on Facebook.

Margarita Man


Old World Coffee Co.

775-391-0189, ext. 700;; Find Old World Coffee on Facebook.

OnTap Mobile Bar, Beer Trailer, Beer Truck

775-329-BEER (2337);; Find On Tap Catering on Facebook.

Petite Street Bar Catering;; Find Petite Street on Facebook.

Pizen & Wine

775-335-6782;; Find Pizen and Wine on Facebook.

Ramblin’ Libations (Bar Catering)

775-848-0765;; Find Ramblin’ Libations on Facebook.

Rin Tin Taps

775-848-7246;; Find Rin Tin Taps on Facebook.

The Tap Wagon

775-544-2854;; Find The Tap Wagon on Facebook.


Chef’s Palette

775-391-5044;; Find Chef’s Palette on Facebook.

Dining by Design

13925 S. Virginia St., Reno; 775-338-2202;; Find Dining by Design – Reno Personal Chef on Facebook.

Tim Meevasin, Personal Chef

775-815-1614;; Find Tim Meevasin Personal Chef on Facebook.

Reno Recipes

775-771-6923;; Find Reno Recipes on Facebook.

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