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Isn't it great when you eat something astoundingly different and it radically twists your perspective on food? We all get into ruts and return, time and again, to our favorite restaurants to order that one dish we often crave or cook the same meals at home, eliciting eye rolls from our partners and friends.

The world is filled with interesting flavors, and lots of choices to shake things up. We should break out of our staid boxes — me included — and try something new. And you don't have to leave Reno-Tahoe to enjoy distinct dishes and ingredients from around the globe.

To celebrate the diversity of food and drink in our region, we present our first internationally themed edition. The cover story, adeptly researched and written by longtime local food writer Sandra Macias, takes you inside a handful of local ethnic markets. Let the shopkeepers teach you about products that can spice up your world. Wander in wonder down the aisles, ogling the exotic, fresh, and brightly packaged goods. These shops give you access to food and drinks you might not normally discover in American supermarkets, from Mexican sauces and Asian spices to Middle Eastern drinks and formidable-looking fruits (such as a durian that's spiked on the outside and bigger than your head). Be bold and visit these shops.

Also in this edition, you'll find a piece on area taquerias, visually captured by insanely talented Reno photographer Shea Evans. Meet members of local Muslim families who grow food according to their customs, in an article written by our own associate editor Erin Meyering. Read about a local couple's pig roast inspired by Hawaiian ties, learn to make sangria, and find out about Reno's former international hub. Finally, observe top spices of the world in a beautiful illustration by local artist Greg Brady. You'll find these and many other stories celebrating food diversity, as well as summer.

I often hear people lament our lack of choices here for international cuisine and products. It's true; we don't live in San Francisco. But we do have some wonderful ethnic shops and restaurants. Please support them before we lose them.





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