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Right before I launched this magazine 10 years ago, I was scared. In fact, I was so nervous that I could barely eat or sleep, waking wide eyed in the middle of the night, heart racing, rushing to my computer to do more research. Would the publication be understood, appreciated, embraced? Would I have enough support to sustain it?

Most of my friends and family members dissuaded me from bringing it to life. “Print is dead,” they said. “You’re an editor. You don’t know how to publish a magazine. You will fail,” they continued. “With such a narrow focus, you’ll run out of story ideas,” they said. Instead of listening to them, I followed my heart (and business plan) and jumped off the ledge into oblivion. Sometimes hard work and entrepreneurial spirit pay off, and a dream comes true. It did for me.

I count my lucky stars every day that, from our first issue, people have loved the magazine and gobbled up our coverage of local farmers, ranchers, food artisans, home cooks, recipes, distillers, brewers, restaurateurs, and so much more. People want to know where their food and drink come from and where they can find them, and they want to read fun and fascinating stories on local producers. We relish connecting readers to their food and community.

This is a mission-based magazine, and we wholeheartedly believe we can make a positive change in locals’ health by pointing people to nutritious choices. We also seek to help build and support a thriving agricultural, culinary, and drinks culture, which happens to benefit the local economy.

I want to thank everyone who has supported the magazine, from story subjects, contributors, event participants, and partners to subscribers and, particularly, our advertisers. Without support from our ad partners — big and small — we would not be able to tell the important and entertaining stories within our pages. And with their sponsorship, we’re able to weave us all together inside the fabulous biggest little web of local food and drink.

It’s been a wild ride and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to the next 10 years!


P.S. To kick off our 10th year, our talented editorial design duo has given the magazine a new look. I hope you enjoy the fresh format and feel!

P.P.S. You, dear reader, can support our efforts by subscribing. It’s just $24 and, as a bonus, you get a $25 certificate for lunch for two at Nothing To It! Culinary Center’s deli.

About the Cover A collage of our magazine covers from the last 10 years. Illustration by Tina and Matthew Freeman




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