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5 fun products to add to your home bar.

Written by Natasha Bourlin
Photos courtesy of the manufacturers

A well-stocked home bar is vital for any aficionado of intoxicating beverages. As the experience of imbibing at home continues to grow in popularity, the level of stylish products available for doing so is following suit. Having items such as these surely will affirm your position as a cocktail, wine, and beer guru among friends and family members. 

web Wine Purse Paris Black Flap Open

1. Porto Vino Wine Purse

Ever reach into your bag for your wallet but wish you could pull out a bottle of wine instead? Well, now you can! The attractive Porto Vino Wine Purse, made from vegan leather, lets you take your own bar to events, gatherings, leisurely strolls, or anywhere you need it.

Pour a bottle of wine into the accompanying pouches, then easily place them into the interior zippered space, angling the spout through an exit disguised under a pocket-like exterior flap. Place vessel under spout, and start sipping the delectable vintage of your choice. Additional pouches are available for purchase as they last only for one or two uses. Some models offer dual spouts, so you don’t have to answer such pesky questions as, “Should I bring red or white?” Available at Porto-vino.com. Starting at $69.95


web Joe Winter Growler721

2. Handcrafted pints and growlers

Reno local Joe Winter is a masterful potter with a penchant for creating one-of-a-kind, hand-thrown pint glasses, steins, and growlers. 

“They’re all handmade pieces using no molds and made one at a time,” Winter says. “I use glazes that have a lot of variability in them, depending on the firing and where they are in the kiln, so each comes out with its own unique character.” 

Each piece radiates with kaleidoscopic hues, and no two are ever alike, so if you’re looking for stand-out, original barware for the beer lover who has everything (including yourself), head to Revision Brewing Co. in Sparks or The 395 Craft Beer and Spirits in Reno to find his pottery, or visit his website, Joewinterpottery.com. Starting at $35


web Chickadee01

3. Chickadee Silicone Wine Charms

The standard wine-glass identifiers encircling your glass’ stem feel passé when there are adorable alternatives. For pleasantly perching atop the rim, these food-safe chickadee silicone wine charms are ideal for stemless glassware and keep drinks easily identifiable with their bold colors. Perhaps the next-gen models will keep an eye on your drink level and chirp, “Refill!” Available at Truebrands.com. $10.99 for pack of six


web Carry On Sugarfina Old Fashioned Editorial 01 4x5 Print

4. Carry On Cocktail Kits

When a cocktail connoisseur is facing a lengthy flight — or, for some people, any flight — the small bottle of liquor and can of mixer the flight attendant provides can seem a bit, well, underwhelming. Fortunately, W&P Design created the Carry On collection for crafting high-end cocktails at 35,000 feet. Each small tin containing the makings of various cocktails — including an old fashioned, hot toddy, and Italian spritz, among many others — is TSA compliant and contains everything you need to create two of your favorite drinks. 

Small packets of ingredients, a step-by-step recipe, and even a linen coaster turn anyone into a bartender, inspiring jealousy from surrounding passengers. All you need is one of those little bottles of booze and a glass once on board. Available at Wandpdesign.com. Starting at $24 each


web Fish Foil Cutterweb HotLips Foil Cutter

5. Cork Pops Foil Cutters

Oenophiles often search for wine foil cutters the way beer lovers look for bottle openers — in near desperation. Sure, you can get creative and use things not meant to open the foil, but why do that when you can order Cork Pops magnetic foil cutters in fun shapes such as fish, palm trees, flip flops, and lips? 

These quirky, cute, easy-grip instruments for accessing your wine can live conveniently on any metal surface in your kitchen or bar and make easy work of getting to the cork. Available at Corkpops.com. Starting at $6

-Freelance writer Natasha Bourlin considers barware shopping one of her favorite sports, and now she has a longer wish list.




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