Celebrating the gardening season in Reno-Tahoe  


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Gardening gives us a brief, beautiful glimpse into the cycle of life. Not only can we witness it transpire before our eyes, but we also can spur it on within our own yards. From seed, plant, or tree, we watch life emerge, grow, and thrive by our own hands.

That is, if we’re lucky. Sometimes we’re not. Fortunately, our summer issue is here to help.

Within these pages, you’ll find tips and inspiration to get your own garden growing. Learn how to combat aphids, organize your potting station, attract beneficial birds and butterflies, and find out more about local community gardens and clubs.

It matters not whether you have only a small outdoor space, acres of land at your disposal, or merely a few sun-kissed indoor areas in which to plant. If you have room for a container of any size — and even in this regard, you can get pretty creative — you, too, can grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables this summer.

Get acquainted with your soil and space, as well as methods found throughout these pages, then head to your local nursery or landscaping expert and let them help guide you to growing glory.

Create your own edible landscape.

Growing hope for food pantries.

Friendship blooms in gardening club.

Sweet local melons for the win.

Tips for a great potting station.

Backyard birding is easy and fun.

Attracting butterflies to your garden.

Combatting aphids naturally.




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