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Before I moved to Reno from San Francisco 17 years ago I thought that not much grew in Nevada. I pictured a vast sandy desert landscape peppered with sagebrush and casinos. I didn’t realize that the agricultural community thrived and had for a long time.

In publishing this magazine for nearly 10 years, I’ve learned that, for one, beef is big business here and certain crops (such as potatoes, onions, and garlic) contribute greatly to the economy. I’ve also discovered that farming and ranching have a long legacy in The Silver State.

Since knowing your food and farmer is at the heart of what we cover in Edible Reno-Tahoe, we decided to honor this history by profiling some of our state’s ranching stalwarts.

In our cover story meet area family ranchers who have been in business for more than 100 years. They include the 430-acre Cushman-Corkill Ranch in Fallon, which was one of the first ranches recognized by the Nevada Centennial Awards program (taking place in November each year). Another is Mack Land & Cattle Co. in Minden, established in 1858. Another long-timer is Martin Ranch, which was established in 1887, in Monitor Valley near Eureka.

We balance the story on old-timers with our hope for the future: new farmers and ranchers. The average age of American farmers is 58; they are retiring and their children aren’t taking over the family farms. Who is going to grow our food? You’ll be happy to hear about several young farmers and ranchers in our midst who are enthusiastic about the profession.

A nice complement to these stories is our piece on J.T. Basque Bar & Dining Room in Gardnerville. The proprietors of this 58-year-old restaurant — the Lekumberry family — also own one of the state’s first ranches, Ranch One in Genoa. You’ll find its own grass-fed, hormone-free, Carson Valley beef on the J.T. menu, as well as local lamb and even domestic rabbits. It doesn’t get more local than that!

Next, meet some of our area’s kings of meat. Four Northern Nevada families have spent generations refining their meat mastery. To top it off, discover local sauces you can use to enhance your meaty meals.

You’ll find all of this, a fabulous gift guide (buy local!), and much more in our winter edition.

Happy holidays!

About the Cover Bently Ranch T-bone steak grilled to perfection and styled by co-publisher Jaci Goodman. 





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