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Local barkeeps’ favorite post-shift, late-night haunts.


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From left, Shaughn Richardson (black sleeve in foreground), Cesar Lopez, Misty Kinser,
Tom Farina, Alta Bracken Rachel Gray, Michael Moberly, and Michelle Witherwax
raise a toast of Underburg, a digestif bitter, at Reno's Shenanigan's Pub

Ever wonder where your favorite bartenders go after their shifts, when their pockets are full but their stomachs are empty? Here’s the inside scoop.


Middle Eastern Metal

Duncan Mitchell of Chapel Tavern in Reno put his money where his mouth was and opened one of the best snack stops in Reno: Shawarmageddon. It offers a perfect mix of black metal music and authentic Middle-Eastern flavors. Each Shawarmageddon wrap is going to melt your face with flavor ... in a good way.\

“After work, I don’t want to go to a diner and eat something greasy or be around people,” says Andy Perkins, local bartender at Beaujolais Bistro in Reno. “I can grab something relatively healthy to go and listen to Sabbath while I wait. Perfect way to end a shift.”

Insider Tip: The fried chickpeas are a must because someone is going to want a bite of your wrap, and this way you can distract that person with crunchy goodness.

501 W. First St., Ste. 102, Reno • 775-384-3228 • Shawarmageddon.com
Open until midnight on weekends

Next-Level Chinese

Sometimes life behind the bar makes it hard to eat when you want to, so leftovers are sometimes the most important meal of the day. I can say emphatically that the food from Kwok’s Bistro in Reno makes some of the best leftovers in town. Kwok Chen and his son, Danny Nguyen, have transformed the previous greasy spoon China Diner location on West Street into one of the best places in town for duck soup. Their house-fried rice and pot stickers make the best day-after leftovers, so have no fear of ordering a little bit extra to keep in the fridge after your night out.

Insider Tip: Try the lamb. Trust me.

Kwok’s Bistro
275 West St., Reno • 775-507-7270 • Kwoksbistro.com
Open until midnight on weekends

Whiskey and Wings

Perfection isn’t necessarily about symmetry or hipness, and it’s not about lighting or décor. Perfection is the idea that even if you could change something, you wouldn’t for fear it would never be as good. Shenanigan’s in Reno is perfect.

Brooke Walshaw of Craft Wine and Beer in Reno says, “Why is Shenanigan’s awesome? Chicken wings, easy ambiance, great whiskey at great prices, and a staff that hustles hard to make you feel welcome.”

On any given night at Shenanigan’s, you’ll find a friendly and attentive bartender and server who will make you forget that crazy night or shift. They make it easy to stay and so very hard to leave with those great prices, big smiles, warm welcomes, and lots of hugs for regulars.

Insider tip: Ask the bartender what to eat. Bartenders always know what you need.

Shenanigan’s Olde English Pub
77 W. Plumb Lane, Reno • 775-324-1177 • Find Shenanigan’s Olde English Pub on Facebook.
Open until 2 a.m.

Need more late-night snack ideas? Ask your local bartender the last meal he or she loved. I promise, you will hear a long, detailed account of an experience you will want to duplicate.

Michael Moberly is the spirits program director for Whispering Vine Wine Co. in Reno and a local spirits educator. His 10 years in the industry have been spent learning, loving, and imbibing with some of its best minds, both locally and nationally. He also is good at wearing hats.