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I seem to have caught every bug that crossed my path this winter. It started with the flu in early November, which leveled me for a couple of weeks. Then a nasty stomach bug hit me hard in late December. Next, I picked up a bad cold that lingered. Now, more than ever, I understand how important it is to be healthy. So with winter behind us, and the sunnier skies of spring on the horizon, we present our first special wellness issue. In this edition, you’ll find fascinating stories on natural options to help you get healthy and stay that way.

I am particularly interested in our feature on cannabis. I am entering middle age (say it isn’t so!) and one of the unfortunate side effects is plenty of aches and pains. As I learned in our cover story, studies show that CBD — aka cannabidiol, a compound in cannabis that, unlike THC, is non-psychoactive — helps alleviate those issues and, purportedly, many other ailments, including seizures, nausea, tumors, and inflammatory disorders. We feed our 16.5-year-old lab, Riley, hemp-based CBD treats. She’s walking better, standing more easily, and off all her pharmaceuticals for pain. Speaking of pets, read our story on healthy pet food. Just like us, animals benefit from a diet with minimal amounts of processed food and rich in fresh foods.

Did you know Reno-Tahoe is home to the largest privately owned culture collection of medicinal mushrooms in the world? Read about Carson City’s Aloha Medicinals and discover the fungus among us. The company supplies products to more than 700 companies in more than 60 countries, contributing to the global $25 billion medicinal mushroom business.

To continue with our wellness theme, learn what foods are great for your skin. Want to know the dangers of food dyes? See our story on them. We look into the tie between food and dementia and check in with the owners of FOLK Kombucha, a drink that reportedly aids in digestion, detoxification, energy, and more. Meet the farmers/herbalists at Eagle Peak Herbals. They create products made from more than 100 sustainably grown and ethically wild-harvested herbs.

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Happy spring!




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