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New technology means less waste and more fun.


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Fancy a refreshing, expertly blended whiskey peach tea or Moscow mule at your next event or campout? If so, you are not alone. Joe Morandi deployed 30 recyclable cocktail kegs full of fresh, made-to-order libations to Burning Man last year.

“For Burners, it’s epic because the cocktails are premade, so you don’t have all the bottles and waste to haul out,” Morandi says.

He adds that the beverage-dispensing technology also is ideal for weddings, reunions, and happy gatherings of all sorts.

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Keg magic

The founder of Beer NV and The Beer Peddler Inc. in Reno, Morandi is no newcomer to the libations world. He’s offered the kegged cocktails for the last three seasons at Reno Street Food. The response and requests from patrons, Morandi says, are what inspired his latest venture, which he’s dubbed Draftails.

“The technology already is there with these recyclable KeyKegs that are used for beer, wine, and cider,” he says. “So I figured, why can’t we use them for cocktails?”

In a nutshell, a KeyKeg is a one-way, recyclable, self-contained, collapsible beverage pump system. This technology means there’s no need for an outside gas force (CO2) to pump out the beverage.

“All the customer has to do is release the pressure in the keg, crush it, and put it in the recycling bin,” Morandi says.

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Pour yourself a party

The 10-liter keg offers 45 7.5-ounce pours or 96 3.5-ounce pours. The larger 20-liter keg provides 90 7.5-ounce pours or 193 3.5-ounce pours. Spirit-based cocktails, such as old fashioneds or Manhattans, are short pours. Conversely, the 7.5-ounce pours are typically used for citrus/fruit-based mixed drinks, such as mules, palomas, and daiquiris.

“I try to use all organic fruits and homemade simple syrups, and I make my own sweet-and-sour mix, which doesn’t have that awful preservative taste,” Morandi says. “It’s great for big parties because the host gets to enjoy the party, too — no bartender is needed. All you need to provide is ice and glasses. And we can set you up with glasses, rimmers, and garnishes, too.”

The deposit for the tapping device is $75. Prices can range from $3.60 to $5 per pour, depending on the cocktail and alcohol chosen.  

Virtually any cocktail can be offered via this keg technology except extremely pulpy mixtures. Morandi says the keg system assures consistent pours and expedites guests’ cocktail enjoyment. It also reduces après-party waste, which means no bottles to throw out and no weird leftover liquors to gather dust in the back of the host’s beverage cabinet.

For details, visit or call 775-745-3296.

Frequent edible Reno-Tahoe contributor Ann Lindemann doesn’t want to wait for Burning Man to enjoy dispensing refreshing whiskey peach teas in a keg for her thirsty friends.




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