Our advertisers enjoy being aligned with a popular and successful magazine. And they are seeing results. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

Emily Reid, owner of Natural Lawn & Garden, Reno”]We have had such a great response from our ad in edible Reno-Tahoe! We have had many calls. And so far we got four jobs from it. Already, the ad has more than paid for itself.

Ann Louhela, manager of Great Basin Basket CSA, Fallon”]This is a magazine people are definitely reading! Our CSA signed up at least six new customers that said they read about us in edible Reno-Tahoe.”

Misty Young, owner of Squeeze In, Truckee and Reno”]We enjoy being part of a progressive, local, focused, top-of-the-line publication. Everything about edible Reno-Tahoe is high quality, and so is the audience. Who doesn’t want to reach the top?

Beth Bach, general manager of Roundabout Bistro, Reno”]Edible Reno-Tahoe is the only paid advertiser we use. I have gotten a lot of feedback from first-time diners telling me they saw our ad and also found us in the Eat Local Guide in edible Reno-Tahoe. Edible Reno-Tahoe has been a huge help for our local business.

Jay Bushman, owner of Nothing To It Culinary Center, Reno”]Edible Reno-Tahoe has been a great vehicle for us to reach new customers looking for a local cooking class experience and has reconnected us with past customers. We appreciate knowing that our ad dollars are working to create awareness and support for our local food community.

Rob Seaton, owner of Porky’s Southwest Restaurant & Sports Bar, Reno”]We are constantly hearing comments from new customers who have found us through our ad and listings in edible Reno-Tahoe. Our e-mail list is growing weekly and our sales revenue is showing steady improvement as a result of advertising in this fantastic publication. As a distribution point, we see the magazines flying off our shelves on a daily basis.

Wendy Baroli, owner/farmer of Grow for Me, Reno”]Advertising with edible Reno-Tahoe brought about one of the best results for exposure for our farm. The phone calls still occur from the first issue. People keep this magazine to read and reread because it truly fills a need to bring us closer to our local food, and to those who prepare and produce it. The magazine has created a bridge between local farmers and engaged consumers. It makes me a better farmer because I know there are eaters looking for what I grow!

Tammy Westergard, director of planning and development at the Carson City Library”]I believe edible Reno-Tahoe promotes an important message of sustainability. And that is something Nevada’s capital city celebrates!

Ed Bath, owner, and Marnie Brennan, marketing manager of Garden Shop Nursery, Reno”]It was an easy decision to advertise in this magazine. We believe it speaks to the type of customers that we enjoy in our nursery. Also, as a distribution point, the magazine moves quite quickly. And we receive lots of positive feedback from customers. We are committed to continue our support of this magazine.

Joe Horn, co-owner of Dish Café & Catering, Reno”]Edible Reno Tahoe is the only local publication targeting an audience of those interested in understanding our local food culture as well as where their food come from. The magazine targets exactly those local residents we want to reach, which makes it highly effective for us as advertisers.

Terry Lipinski”]Download SVGPerfect for when you want to use just one icon as a vector on the desktop or in your own icon workflow.Thank you for a fabulous magazine and what you do for the community. Congratulations on 10 years of healthy, fabulous eating!!!!

Jana Vanderhaar, landscape architect”]Congrats on the 10-year anniversary of the magazine! You must be proud you took that leap of faith — the magazine has been a boon for the Tahoe-Reno area for sure! Hats off to you…

Debbie”]We look forward to every issue … It’s how we get to check out everything new in the community! Today we visited Bently Meats in Minden just because we read about it in your magazine. Keep up the good work!”

Charlie Abowd (the old guy in the kitchen at Adele’s in Carson City)”]The new edition of edible Reno-Tahoe’s cover art is my all-time fave. I don’t know the artist but let them know I think their work/passion is fantastic. P.S. I always love your cover art, but this one hits my heart.”

Nan Fegely”]I just wanted to let you know that the cover for the 2016 spring issue is one of the best, most creative pictures I’ve seen! High fives to the person who came up with the idea and to Chris Holloman for executing the perfect shot. The articles on the butcher/meat scene here in Reno are informative and interesting as well. I am sending this issue to my friend who lives in Nashville, TN. Her husband is a chef and Director of Culinary Arts at the Art Institute there. He also learned to butcher at a very early age. I think he will enjoy reading about our culinary scene here in Reno. Thanks for doing such a nice job with this magazine. The articles and artistic design are a pleasure!”

Cheryl A. Adlington, OD, FAAO, Adlington Eye Center & Eyeglass Gallery”]The cover of your new magazine is so fun and a real eyecatcher. Love it!

Rachel Gattuso, Marketing and Communications Manager”]Just wanted to say thank you again for so eloquently featuring our Chef Program this month – what an amazing opportunity for our House this year! With the utmost gratitude (and props for a gorgeous cover shot).

Jana Vanderhaar”]Wow! I just wanted to send a friendly note to tell you that I am continually impressed with the content of your magazine! Thanks for routinely including stories about local food, local farms, and/or local gardening. It really goes to show what a food-rich community we have and you showcasing it can only add value to the hard work being done out there by farmers, chefs, educators, and foodies! Great work, ladies!!! Please thank your contributors, too.

Lindsey Panton, Program Director, Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful”]I read your delightful article on the Sensory Garden in edible Reno Tahoe this weekend. Thank you so much! Wow, you are a great listener — I was so impressed with the detail you included! I know that our Development Director will also be super happy that you gave a shout out to Raise the River. The photos were very cute. I always look out for edible Reno Tahoe when it comes out and one of things I admire about it is the standard of the photography, along with all the interesting local information, of course. I loved the fold-out piece on the farmers’ markets in this issue and I know that the wedding information will be well read.


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Discover new products, thriving traditions, or exciting food events, festivals, restaurants, and markets – all of the things that are helping to make us a true culinary destination.