Cover – Sierra High

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cover SIERRA HIGH Exploring the cannabis rollout with our area’s pot pioneers. WRITTEN BY HEIDI BETHELPHOTOS BY JEFF ROSS As Nevada and California jump on the recreational marijuana bandwagon, those […]

Meet the Farmer – Peak Health

Eagle Peak Herbals02 Bill harvesting elderflowers

meet the farmer PEAK HEALTH The Hodge family grows and forages to create healing medicine. WRITTEN BY CHRISTINA NELLEMANNPHOTOS COURTESY OF TINA HODGE (PRODUCT SHOTS BY ASA GILMORE) Tina Hodge […]

Edible Nutrition – Toxic Colors


edible nutrition TOXIC COLORS The FDA says food dyes are safe, but some studies paint a different picture. WRITTEN BY SUE EDMONDSONPHOTOS BY GINA MUNDA Ever wonder why M&M’s and […]

Edible Nutrition – Brain Food

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edible nutrition BRAIN FOOD Exploring the potential link between diet and dementia. WRITTEN BY SUSAN DITZ It is overwhelming to learn that a loved one has an incurable illness. Recently, […]

Edible Nutrition – Companion Fare


edible nutrition COMPANION FARE Optimizing pet health through nutritious food. WRITTEN BY KELSEY FITZGERALDPHOTOS BY CANDICE NYANDO For humans, the benefits of eating a variety of fresh, nutritious foods are […]

Edible Notables – Farm Days


edible notables FARM DAYS Carson City event connects youths to their food. WRITTEN BY JEANNE LAUF WALPOLEPHOTOS COURTESY OF SANDY WALLIN AND RONNI HANNAMAN With more people living in urban […]

Drink Tank – Flower of Life

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drink tank FLOWER OF LIFE FOLK brings flavorful kombucha to the Sierra. WRITTEN BY HEIDI BETHELPHOTO BY SHAUN HUNTER It’s aliiiiiive! No need to insert a terrifying Frankenstein scream here. […]

Edible Notables – Where’s The Beef


edible notables WHERE’S THE BEEF 4-H family visits schools with cows in tow. WRITTEN BY BARBARA TWITCHELLPHOTO BY CANDICE NYANDO “What do cows have in common with Jell-O, marshmallows, ice […]