Winter 2017


  Serj Singh, co-owner of Thali in Reno’s West Street Market”]We’re not focusing on a chef level. We’re focusing on a mother level.”       FROM THE EDITOR EDIBLE […]

Drinks 2018

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Clint Neuerburg, owner of Piñon Bottle Co. in Midtown Reno, drinks Fest Beer by Pfriem. He offers 36 beers on tap and 300 in the coolers. Photo by Jamie Kingham […]

Drinks 2017

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  Woody Worthington, operations manager for Bently Ranch in Minden and Nevada Department of Agriculture Board of Agriculture member”]It’s such a great thing in terms of diversification for farmers and […]

Spring 2017


  Jean L. French, a gardener and garden blogger from Janesville, Calif.”]You have to let go of perfections. Especially as disabled gardeners, we need to adjust our ideas about gardens. […]

Winter 2016

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  Debbie Branby, owner of The Cheese Board, about celebrating 35 years in business”]The Cheese Board has touched a lot of lives. And what an honor it’s been…”     […]

Fall 2015

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October, November, December   – Lynn Lloyd, founder/owner of Red Rock Hounds hunt club in Reno”]I remember it was bitter cold and snowy and we had hunted all day. We […]

Drinks 2016

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January, February   – Shawn Plunket, owner of 1864 Tavern in Reno, says about crafting the perfect cocktail”]Here is the magic formula: liquor, fruit, sweet, sour … that’s it. It’s […]

Spring 2016


March, April   Ryan Walker, Livestock Conservancy marketing and communications manager”]It sounds backward, but farmers and ranchers can’t afford to raise heritage livestock unless there’s a market. Otherwise, they become […]

Cooks 2016

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  Lara Ritchie, culinary director at Nothing To It! Culinary Center in Reno”]For me, part of my history in food is cooking with family… I wouldn’t trade those memories for […]

Summer 2016


  Ryan Gold, co-owner of Old Granite Street Eatery, Royce wine bar, Imperial Lounge, Lincoln Lounge, and Group West Construction”]We came to Reno multiple times and fell in love with […]