Cover – No Dairy Required

berry nutty smoothie

cover NO DAIRY REQUIRED Make flavorful nut milks in a jiffy. WRITTEN BY AIMEE EIGURENPHOTO BY ASA GILMORE The froth and flavor of cow’s milk now has some serious competition. […]

Cover – Makin Bacon

homepod bacon

cover MAKIN’ BACON Curing and smoking your own is much easier than you might think. WRITTEN BY STINA FAUSONEPHOTOS BY ASA GILMORE Baked, broiled, smoked, fried, dry rubbed, wrapped around […]

Cover – Preserve Nature’s Flavors

cover preserve nature flavor

cover PRESERVE NATURE’S FLAVORS Dehydration extends the life of summer’s bounty. WRITTEN BY LAUREL WINTERBOURNEPHOTOS BY TREVOR CLARK Garden harvests, CSA boxes, and farmers’ markets are the highlight of summer […]

Cover – The Art Of Fermentation

cover artoffermentation

cover THE ART OF FERMENATION Home fermenting is healthy, fun, and surprisingly easy. WRITTEN BY SUE EDMONDSON Fermentation may be trendy, but it’s nothing new. In fact, it’s extremely old. […]

Cover – DIY virtuoso

cover DIY virtuouso

cover DIY VIRTUOSO Reno blogger Jessica Locke incorporates homemade foods into daily life. WRITTEN BY JENNIFER R. BAUMERPHOTOS BY CANDICE NYANDO Being dedicated to homegrown and homemade food means knowing […]

Cover – Roots Revival

cover roots revival

cover ROOTS REVIVAL Home producers in the Reno-Tahoe area are connecting to food and drink heritage by fermenting, dehydrating, and mixing up nourishing and delicious concoctions. And they reap the […]

Feature – Serving With Those Who Served

feature serving served1

feature SERVING WITH THOSE WHO SERVED With Veterans Day on Nov. 11, we take a look at chef and veteran Sean Walsh who teaches fellow vets to cook healthily. WRITTEN […]

Edible Updates – Mena Minute

edible notables mena minute

edible notables MENA MINUTE Fitness, along with proper nourishment, builds a healthy body and mind. WRITTEN BY MENA SPODOBALSKIPHOTO BY JACI GOODMAN Fall is a great time to be outdoors. […]

Edible Notables – Harvest for Good

edible notables harvestgood1

edible notables HARVEST FOR GOOD St. Vincent’s distributes local fish and produce to the needy. WRITTEN BY HEIDI BETHELPHOTOS BY CHRIS HOLLOMAN On a typical day at St. Vincent’s Dining […]

Edible Notables – Jerky Junkie

edible notables jerky junkie

edible notables JERKY JUNKY A taste of the Wild West WRITTEN BY HEIDI BETHELPHOTO BY ASA GILMORE Lisa Lekumberry’s family has been in the cattle business since 1909. Their rich […]