Edible Reno-Tahoe Takes Home 11 Nevada Press Association Awards

Edible Reno-Tahoe Takes Home 11 Nevada Press Association Awards

With help from our community and contributors, edible came through a tough year and still landed on top!

Last year, we doubled down on our storytelling efforts during the pandemic, built partnerships, and created a new home section because nothing can stop us from serving our readers. All that hard work paid off with recognition from the annual Nevada Press Association Awards of Excellence, which culminated in an awards banquet on Sept. 18, 2021 in Reno.

We took home 11 awards this year. Judges recognized the world-class design, advertising, photography, and writing from our community of contributors and staff.

“In each edition of the magazine, I pour my heart and soul into covering the local and seasonal food-and-drink culture,” says Amanda Burden, co-publisher/editor of edible Reno-Tahoe. “It’s a true labor of love to present stories about the Reno-Tahoe region, which became my home 20 years ago.”

According to the NPA’s website, the competition “recognizes the best in Nevada journalism each year.” Over the years, the contest has expanded to include magazines and online news, and categories now include all elements of a publication, online or in print. Nevada Press Association entries are judged by various journalists and publishers in other states, as part of an exchange between state press associations.

In 2020, the NPA recognized edible Reno-Tahoe for the following:



Advertising General Excellence
The judges said: “This magazine is fantastic from front to back! High-quality advertising throughout with great artwork and design technique. The attention to detail is excellent. Especially enjoyed the Holiday and Valentine’s Day advertising sections. Nicely done.”

“We are so fortunate to have the unwavering support of local business owners,” says Jaci Goodman, co-publisher/ad director of edible Reno-Tahoe. “It allows me to bring in the ad money that provides Amanda and her team the funds to create the amazing stories of our community.”

General Excellence
The Judges said: “Such a pleasure to read. Every article, image, and layout is thoughtful, purposeful and inviting. This is a magazine that considers and serves its audience with every page — and seems to have great fun doing so.”

Co-publisher/editor Amanda Burden proudly grasps the magazine General Excellence award following the Sept. 18 awards banquet

The real accolades go to our contributors, however.

“We are lucky to work with the most talented, eloquent, and engaging writers; photographers who produce beautiful and compelling work; and creative and innovative designers who bring the magazine — in print and online — to life,” Burden says. “I’m extremely proud of the work they produce.”

Best Graphic Designer
Judges said: “Quality photos and very clean layout design made these stories easy to read. Solid use of white space.”

Best Business Feature Story
The winning story was, “Food in the Time of Corona: Reno-Tahoe culinary community employs many tools to survive the crisis” by Barbara Twitchell.

This photo of Mark Estee and his staff at Liberty Food & Wine Exchange in Reno appeared in Barbara Twitchell’s award-winning Fall 2021 story about how Reno-Tahoe food-and-drink establishments pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo by Candice Vivien.

Judges said: “Well done. Great use of quotes and anecdotes. Also looks great. Excellent layout enhanced the story.”

Best Portrait
The environmental portrait award went to Lou Manna’s playful photo of Colin West for the Spring 2021 story, “Big Splash About Trash: Sommelier’s nonprofit and Tahoe Blue Vodka work to clean Lake Tahoe’s depths.”

Photographer Lou Manna was honored to receive his Best Portrait award

Judges said “Creative, engaging, fun! It makes the reader want to know how in the world vodka and scuba diving are connected. Best photo for capturing the story with a single image and engaging the reader!”



Entertainment Feature
Claire McArthur’s cover story, “Exceptional Drink Experiences: From South Lake Tahoe to Sparks and beyond, explore the region’s imbibing scene this winter,” which appeared in our Jan.-Feb. 2021 DRINKS issue, took second-place honors in this category.

Judges said: “A well-organized and well-written guide. Demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the Reno-Tahoe area, and reflects the pent-up pandemic desire to get out for a drink or two.”

General Online Excellence
Our new website, which was launched just this year, was “judged on the overall excellence of its online presence,” according to NPA. We won this award for the “depth and quality of local content, timeliness, advertising, design, and functionality, user experience and engagement and the quality of reporting and storytelling.”

After doing a redesign of our website, we’re proud to show off our best work in print and online and to have this new design capture the attention of NPA judges!

Overall Design
Judges said “I really like this. Every page is energetic and accessible — not too busy, but lively enough to draw me in. Consistently great images and illustrations; thoughtful mix of type styles. And I love the inside paper stock.”

The Fall 2021 cover of edible Reno-Tahoe



Local Column
Michael C. Moberly’s Drinks on You column captured third place in this category.
The judges said: “Very good storytelling, but I had difficulty seeing these as ‘columns’ as most think of them. Even so, I could not hold that against the author and thus, a third-place win.”

Multiple Photo Essay or Gallery
Our coverage of local artisans who craft beautiful, handmade objects from natural materials” and the other “Meet Your Makers” monthly photo columns, which appeared in our Winter 2020 issue, earned recognition for its beautiful photography, which was taken by local photographers Mike Okimoto, Shaun Hunter, Candice Vivien.

Local fabric artist Sarah Lillegard collects natural materials for clothing dye. Photo by Mike Okimoto

Judges said: “Interesting shots of people doing what they love. Great idea.”

Best Portrait
The environmental portrait, “Courageous Confections: Cookies for Kindness helps locals in need,” by Candice Vivien earned this award.

The judges said: “The photographer got it all — the baker, in the outfit, and the cookies. The expression of the subject tells the reader that this story is a little more serious than your average cookie. Excellent way to engage the reader!”

We are humbled by all the recognition the magazine received, and are so proud of our more than 65 freelance writers, editors, photographers, and designers.

Thank you, Reno-Tahoe!


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Discover new products, thriving traditions, or exciting food events, festivals, restaurants, and markets – all of the things that are helping to make us a true culinary destination.