Sip the Season!

Tahoe Blue Vodka is the perfect summer cocktail starter. 

Written by Erin Meyering
Photos by Chris Holloman 


The craft of creating the perfect cocktail is pretty amazing, a science really. Mixing different alcohols with various juices or with fresh herbs can create unique flavors that can signal the season. We enjoy warm, rich, and hearty drinks during winter months and sip sangria, fruity and light drinks when warmer weather hits.   

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Made from grape, grain, and sugarcane, Tahoe Blue Vodka is distilled by hand three times in small batches. This care gives the alcohol a smooth, clean texture and flavor versatility that makes it the perfect base for craft cocktails. Tahoe Blue Vodka is a great addition to your summer drinks.  

Tahoe Blue01

From left, Kristen and Chris DeMay and Melody and Matt Levitt at Lake Tahoe

The following are cocktail recipes you can make with Tahoe Blue Vodka. Get your season started right!

• Barb Giacomini’s Limoncello with fresh lemon

Sierra Sunset with muddled raspberries and basil

• Raspberry Cucumber Cooler with cucumber and mint

Tahoe Mule (or Moscow Mule) with ginger beer and lime

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