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If you like Nevada beer and spirits — and the people who make them — they REALLY need your help before April 10! AB-431 is a dangerous bill to their livelihoods and to our growing local beer and spirits culture. Please register your disapproval of this bill by visiting this link: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Opinions/79th2017/A/ (add the bill number, fill out your info, and add a comment if you would like). To make it easy, you can use the below comment with your entry or some version of it:  I wish to express my disapproval of Assembly Bill 431. This bill, if it becomes law, would cause a great deal of hardship to our local brewers and distillers.We have a burgeoning brewing and distilling industry in our great state, which is extremely exciting to locals and visitors alike. This new bill seeks to limit brewpubs in Nevada to two locations and would shrink the amount of beer they can sell to customers. AB-431 would, if enacted, make us the second-worst craft brew state in the country.The measure was crafted by giant liquor distributors and goliath brewers and is sponsored by an assemblywoman who received campaign contributions from both. The big guys don’t want the little guys to be able to grow, thrive, or even exist. I hope you vote to stop this bill before it becomes law. With that action, you support the production of local beer and spirits and you support our friends, neighbors, and family members who make them. I am just asking for a fair advantage and not for them to be slapped with huge limitations such as this.As Don Vetter, spokesperson for the Nevada Brewers Association, said in the Reno Gazette Journal: “For brewers [and distillers] across the state, the bill is seen as detrimental to a growing economic powerhouse of small businesses based around a tight-knit culture and community involvement.”