Gourmet Dude-Ranch Cook

Edith Crook was a legend in her own time. Edith Crook was a legend in her own time and remains so today. She was a remarkable woman who took on […]

Slot History

Fruits, bars, and the Liberty Belle, oh my! Did you ever wonder why slot machines, the quintessential symbol of Nevada, feature fruits and bars? If you, like me, write about […]


A Victorian melodrama The Comstock’s first coffee roaster. The story has all the makings of a melodrama: kidnapping, seduction, mistaken identity, murder, hanging, coffee. Coffee, you wonder? How does this […]

In A Pickle

web Edible Traditions Bucket of blood

Castors at the local tables of yore.   Maybe you’ve noticed them in antique stores or in a period drama. A jar, maybe six inches tall and made of pressed […]

The Big Chill

web Chism ice cream

Chism Ice Cream set the standard for decades. We all scream for ice cream, or so the saying goes. Summer is inseparable from the pleasures of the cold and velvety […]


Riverside Hotel Lanai

Reno’s first address has undergone impressive transformations in its 150-plus years. It sits there grandly, arguably at the most prestigious and prominent location in Reno. For more than a century, […]


Margrave and turkeys cropped

Frank Margrave was Reno poultry royalty. Skeptics might say that the story of Frank Margrave’s enormous turkey ranch in Reno simply is a footnote, considering the extensive farms and ranches […]


00 Johnnysedited

Northern Nevada’s love affair with noodles. The days are cooling and the image of a steaming bowl of fresh spaghetti calls. The allure of pasta is nothing new — its […]