Perfect Cup of Joe

Exploring new local coffee roasts. Reno is one of the best coffee towns in the country; we have world-class coffee in almost every neighborhood. Many talented folks have fought hard […]

Drink Your Electrolytes

Summer coolers that are good for you. When the temperature hits 90 degrees and above, all I want is to find a cool place to sip an ice-cold beverage. It […]


How I stopped worrying and learned to love gin. Of all the spirits, gin surely has one of the most complicated relationships with people’s taste buds. For some, just the […]

Seeking Clarity

How to make large-format, clear ice at home. There’s something magical about a hand-carved, clear chunk of ice. The way a drink can catch the light and glow with the […]

Singular sensation

Frey Ranch Distillery’s single-barrel selections fly off the shelves. Bourbon is all about storytelling; each sip of bourbon should paint a picture of the time and effort that went into […]

Free Spirits

No-ABV cocktails for the new year. A person might choose to abstain from alcohol for any number of reasons. Maybe you imbibed a little too heavily over the holidays. Perhaps […]

Drinks On You – Winter 2021

Soju: The Most Popular Spirit You’ve Never Tried. When I ask the question, “What is the most popular spirit in the world?” what comes to mind? Most people think vodka, […]

Drinks On You

The Outdoors Are Calling — Better Bring Cocktails. Something about the crisp fall air and autumn colors makes me crave cocktails. (Well, to be honest, most weather makes me crave […]

Drinks On You

Fried Chicken and Sparkling Wine: A Perfect Punk Pairing. There is something romantic about the perfect pairing, the elegant way flavors play together to create a mixture more delicious and […]

Homemade Tonic Is Summer’s Best Friend.

I am constantly looking for ways to make delicious cocktails at home, but with only three ingredients at most. This can be difficult as I love the depth and flavor […]