See what 6,300 feet elevation can do for your soul at Granlibakken Tahoe.


Full Weekend of Events just $240

Imagine a soulful weekend reconnecting with nature, invigorating yourself with daily yoga sessions, and enjoying music and meditation in abundance. Surrounded by the majestic yet peaceful scenery of North Lake Tahoe, reset and relax before a busy summer season.

Just imagine if you could immerse yourself in this soulful retreat for just $240!

Well, now you can. That’s right—the full weekend of events for the Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival, or RAY, can be had for just $240 per person. This rate includes 12 workshops over three days, taught by local Tahoe yoga instructors, healers, and wellness experts, as well as meals and social hours. 

Sunrise Yoga

Start each day of RAY with a refreshing Sunrise Yoga and Meditation class.

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How a restaurant at 6,200 feet builds an experience around the meal.


At first glance, it wouldn’t seem as if Lone Eagle Grille’s chefs need to worry too much about keeping their restaurant servers busy. With a classic mountain-lodge-of-yesteryear feeling and a stunning location on Tahoe’s picturesque north shore, it’s easy to imagine this restaurant coasting on its atmosphere alone. 

Chef de cuisine Shane Hammettth

However, chef de cuisine Shane Hammett says that’s not the case. He and his culinary team, along with the restaurant managers and resort staff, are tirelessly working to create for guests something they can’t get at just any Tahoe restaurant: a thoughtful and authentic gourmet experience.

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Bucket lists are out, and in are vision boards, challenges, and projects with attainable goals and start and end dates, such as 52-week and 12-month challenges. And it’s just that line of thought that’s led to my big 2017 project, Cocktail Chronicles: 52 Weeks of Cocktails. 

Truth be told, this all began a few years ago in an effort to innovate my life. On my 30th birthday, rather than wallow in self-pity and a bathtub of wine (not that there’s anything wrong with that) about my 20s being over, I was instead running down a volcano in Maui with a parachute strapped to my back. A few seconds later and I was paragliding over Maui’s Upcountry. What resulted was a year of attempting to do at least 30 things that I had never done but had always wanted to do.

I did 38.

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Welcome to edible Reno-Tahoe’s new blog and website! Isn’t it pretty? Don’t you just love that new-website smell? We’re almost a month into the new year, and we haven’t stopped celebrating, but it’s for good reasons. First, like I said, the website.

Then there’s our new-and-improved blog. Here at edible, we already pride ourselves on being your go-to source for all things food and drink in the Reno-Tahoe area, but the fact that we only publish six issues a year leaves us always wishing we could do more. Now we can! Look for blogs from the eRT staff, myself included, as well as our uber-talented contributing writers and photographers as they share what’s happening in the food and drink scene. Plus we’ll occasionally have special guests dropping by to say hi and tell you lots of cool things, from cooking, gardening, and travel tips to tales about experiences at special events, restaurants, bars, or retailers.

Here’s something else we’re SUPER excited about: Guess who’s joining our fold? The team over at edible Sacramento, that’s who! Yep, you read that right. Our publishers, Amanda Burden and Jaci Goodman, have purchased the 14-year-old publication that has been THE food + drink resource in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. We’re all going to be one great big happy family!

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Fresh Fish

Morgan's Lobster Shack brings quality seafood to Reno-Tahoe

Written by Erin Meyering

Morgan's Lobster Shack, a Truckee favorite, just opened a location in Midtown Reno. Owners Shawn and Heather Whitney are originally from the East Coast. Having fallen in love with the Tahoe-area, though, they decided to bring fresh fish fare along with them. 

Beyond lobster, you'll find a variety of fresh fish such as Alaskan halibut, red snapper, and others delivered almost daily and never frozen. 

House specials and local favorites include the classic lobster roll, lobster mac and cheese, oyster po' boy, the king salmon burger, and so much more. 

In addition to offering an expansive dine-in menu, purchase fresh fish and lobster to prepare yourself at the Morgan's Lobster Shack Market. You'll find an updated listing of what's availible here

home lobster


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Healthy Through the Seasons

Natural Advantage Health Shoppe provides vitamins, teas, minerals, and more. 

Written by Erin Meyering

Gear up for the upcoming flu and cold season by ensuring you're in great health. Whether you're curious about supplements, vitamins, natural oils or creams, teas, herbs, or spices, Natural Advantage Health Shoppe is able to educate you on natural options. The shop carries hard-to-find items and can order just about anything holistic you'd like that's not already in stock. 

Owner Linda Ann earned a PhD in holistic nutrition and completed a professional herbalist program. Sometimes supplement shops can be overwhelming to navigate, but for just $35 Linda can provide a thoughtful and comprehensive wellness consultation to get you on the right track. 

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Make Holiday Entertaining Easy

Use a local caterer to provide a prepared holiday meal this season

Written by Erin Meyering


The holidays are coming! Dun, dun, dun. Yes, we all know hosting lunch or dinner can sometimes be a chore. Entertaining, albeit fun, is A LOT of work. Why not let the experts do the cooking so you can enjoy your own gathering, stress-free?

Blend Catering is offering holiday meals and customized delivery meals throughout the holiday season. Because your family is different than others, the chefs at Blend want to make the meal perfect for your family's tastes and preferences. Cut your time in the kitchen to simply reheating when YOU are ready to eat. Pricing varies depending on menu and number of people. For details on Blend Catering, visit or call 775-843-5297. 

Roundabout Catering will offer a healthy, gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner comprised of roasted turkey; cranberry-apple ginger sauce; whipped yams with orange zest and pecans; green beans with caramelized onions and almonds with lemon; oatmeal turkey sausage sage stuffing; and non-fat pumpkin cheesecake. The meal serves six people and is $155. For details on Roundabout Catering, visit or call 775-851-2190. 

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Wine & Dine Event Nov. 9

Treat yourself to an evening out


Screen Shot 2016 08 02 at 12.50.51 PM

Edible Reno-Tahoe magazine and Dolan Lexus are partnering to bring you delectable bites prepared by local chefs and paired with wines selected by Curtis Worrall of Whispering Vine and Sommelier Vince Bough.


All proceeds from the event benefit Urban Roots, a local garden education program for youths K-12. Tickets are just $25 in advance and $35 at the door. The Socks, a wonderful Reno-based jazz band, will be performing. 

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It's Healthy, Honey 

Learn about bees, apiaries, and mead in our latest issue. 

Written by Erin Meyering


Bees, bees, bees. You may be afraid of them or you may find them fascinating. Either way, they're pretty miraculous. According to, "In order to produce 1 pound of honey, 2 million flowers must be visited. A hive of bees must fly 55,000 miles to produce a pound of honey. One bee colony can produce 60 to 100 pounds of honey per year. An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime." 

In our Fall issue, we choose to tip our hat to the honey bee (and many other creepy crawlies). Read the issue, and you'll uncover facts about the glorious honey bee, have the tools to make your own honey wine, and learn about locals who keep bees... thousands and thousands of them. Ponder the future of bees and how it affects our local agriculture by reading our Q & A with Nevada's state entomologist Jeff Knight

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New Choices

Reno Supper Club brings distinct cuisines to West Street Market.

Written by Erin Meyering


Many Reno residents were sad to see Bowl restaurant close this past June. Not only did Bowl provide a place for people to enjoy plenty of local, organic, and natural food, but it was also a community meeting place to gather and chat. Although folks will miss its friendly atmosphere and creative cuisine, Bowl's closing has paved the way for an exciting, new concept to move in.

In late August, the Reno Supper Club nested in Bowl's old space at West Street Market. Thali is the first of many pop-ups and food/drink events Reno Super Club will host. Thali means round platter and simply refers to a meal made up of a selection of various dishes. 

At Thali, you'll enjoy a variety of traditional Northern Indian dishes such as freshly-made roti (bread), collard greens, aromatic rice, chickpeas with tomato, and more. Each meal is pre-fixe, entirely vegetarian, and can easily be converted into a vegan or gluten-free meal. Thali is now open 6 – 9 p.m. Sat. – Mon.

For details, stay tuned for our Winter Edible Updates column, publishing in Novemeber.


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